Airpower–Apple’s Qi wireless charging

iPhone Wireless charging is perfectly compatible with Qi Wireless charging Standard

12th September, Apple officially released iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

A huge common point of view is that these three new machines are equipped with wireless charging function.

Apple said iPhone 8 series and Phone X support Qi standard wireless charging Standard.

To meet the need of wireless charging base, they designed the AirPower wireless charging board.



Expected to be listed in 2018, not yet announced price

Unfortunately, Apple said that these three iPhones will not be equipped with this wireless charger, because Apple has not yet produced a qualified product.

According to Apple’s statement, AirPower wireless charger using a new charging standard, you can also support multiple devices to charge.

It is said that Apple will officially release AirPower wireless charger to the market in 2018.

Although Apple’s official wireless charger is not on the line, however, this year’s iPhone X / 8 / Plus support based on Qi wireless charging standard wireless charger, the user can use a third party Qi charging board for charging.


So now many manufacturers seize this opportunity to develop Qi wireless charging standard charger.

Because before Apple’s iPhone 8, some¬†Mobile phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Sony have developed and released their cellphones that supports wireless charging.

So the wireless charging is not a new thing, but as the joining of Apple, the wireless charging will be more widely accepted by consumers.


In order to adapt this trends, we will upload some Qi wireless chargers.

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