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Why we do this analysis?

Who is the topsale smart watch in the markets? And which model will be the next popular item? What is the trends in this winter?

If you are in the field of smart watch, these questions may be your concerinings. But there are too many models in the markets, it is very hard to collect the informations and waiste your times to do it.

Don’t worry for now, a team of Shenzhen Find Best Technology Co.,ltd, recently made a research on smart watch market and collected valuable first hand data.

Now we share these data freely and provide our exclusive analysis. These data and analysis maybe not 100% accurate, but they are helpful to your business.


Total Sale Amount of Topsale smart watch

First, this is the total sale amount in last 30 days. Affected by Chinese National Days, the total amount declinded a little compared with the early 30 days.

But as the coming soon of Christmas Day, the sales of smart watch has recovered.

First of all, this is the chart of topsale smart watch

From the chart, we can easily see the Top Five models are DZ09, A1, GT08, Q18 and U8.

Since most of them (DZ09, A1, GT08, U8) had been launched for near 3 years(from 2015), they still occupy the top five list.

That’s a miracle. Seldom electronic products have such a long time product life.

In other hand, we notice that U8 has dropped from the ever champion. Mainly trapped by its long-term quality problems, it is not popular anymore.

Q18, which launched in the end of 2016, now is accepted by many clients. Its unique curved screen design and stable quanlity let him be the Black Horse.


And the Second Group are Y1, KW18, K88H, KW88, M26. Except M26, the others are all round smart watch.

And the K series are high-quality, high price representitive. These shows that the round shape and high quality are being accepted by more clients.


Next are the Third Group. Here, we found many new faces: V9, T8, and I4 Air. V9, which is release for only two month, has gotten nice sales.

Compared with K series, V9 also has a round face, but with cheaper price. It maybe the next Black Horse.


The last group are all high configulation watch. Most of them supports 3G net work and Android OS, which makes their price is relatively high.

Some of them even haven’t been sold for one pieces. The manufacturers should make some adjustment to push the sales, otherwise they will be disappeared in our next analysis.


What is the total Sale Quantity?

Second, below is the sale quanity.  It is a positive correlation with the first chart.

But we can see the polarization is serious. The top five occupy the most sale quanitiy, and the other is very small.

What makes this extraordinary difference? Please wait for us next analysis.

Furthermore, this is the total sale quantity


Data resource : Alibaba, Made-in-China, Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, DHgate, Chinese Wholesale Website.

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