Average Price Range of Smart Watch


What does Average Price Range of Smart Watch mean?

The Average Price Range we said here comes from our previous post:BIG DATA ANALYSIS(1): WHO IS THE TOPSALE SMART WATCH IN LAST 30 DAYS?

It is the average of total amount and total quanity.

But this is not the real average price, because our original data is both from wholesale and retail prices. So when seeing the following chart, maybe you will say that this is not possible or it is not true. You get the price much cheaper, or your price is much more expensive. Yes, that’ ture. There will be such an error. The reason we make this form is to give customers a reference. The final price must be confirmed with your supplier, after all, the price is constantly changing.

Average Price Range

What can We learn from it?

To know about it, we should combine the last two charts.

1.First, we can easily see that the lowest price products are also the topsale amount & quantity models.  It seems that low price is most attrative factor.

2.Second, some models have same or very near price. About this kind of phenomenon, we will reveal the truth in the following post.

3.Since the sales of high price models are not good, but still many companies keep on launching new high configulation products.

After all, only through this creative products, can we push this field go ahead.

And when the new model launched, it will push the old models drop the price.


How we do to it?

1.To buyers, they can compare the price getting from the market, or decide what the position of the market they want to build.

Although low price product is more popular, it means too much competition, and the low price is always along with poor quality and worse after-sale service.

2.To sellers, they can adjust their promotion metods to attrative more clients, such as reduce price, decline the product cost, or keep on developing new products.

Or make some difference competition, such as applying and getting the Certifications to appeal High-end buyers.

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